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Rulez for this Site

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Rulez for this Site Empty Rulez for this Site

Post by FoFi on Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:19 pm


1.) No pornographic material

2.) No illegal content That is why we are going to have are own site for that.

3.) No spamming!

4.) No harassing/flaming (Being Mean)

5.) No posting in the wrong sections!

6.) No creating a second account, without my permission. IF this happends i will know and your second account will be banned!(All you have to do is just ask me)

7.) If you make a second account when your ban. Then i will double your ban date

8.) No Adversiting (3 Day Ban 1st Time, 1 Week Ban 2nd Time, 5 Week Ban 3rd Time, Ban Forever 4th Time)
Other than that your free to do anything :D

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